A rare occurrence

My boss was away on a business trip on Monday, and I am not “too” busy at work at the moment, so I decided to take the day off on Monday, as they still owed me one day from the trip to Bogotá.

I had planned to do nothing all day. No cleaning, no ironing, no house work. The weather was a bit rubbish too, so going out was not going to happen either. I was just going to do some crafting, some web browsing, some reading and some day-time tv watching.

I read for a bit, but I was reading in bed, and that made feel sleepy and as I didn’t want to go back to bed (it was still very early, approx. 8am), I decided to move to the study and do some crafting. I managed a very nice card that a friend had commissioned me for mother’s day (first Sunday of May in Spain – here in the UK it was back at the beginning of March), but then, after lunch, I had lost my shpadoinkle so I decided to stop crafting and come downstairs to the living room.

I got my laptop, put the TV on (a bit of multitasking, yes I can!) and I was set for an afternoon of boredom. Oh, my. Day time telly sucks. Sucks big time. It took me forever to find a decent programme (an old repeat of Masterchef) and even then I wasn’t quite in the mood for watching. I turned back to Facebook and I let everyone know how bored I was.

And to my pleasant surprise, I got a text from our friends M&J with little M in tow, asking to pop round for a visit!

This is a very rare occurrence indeed. I don’t think I have socialised in the middle of a non-weekend day since back on my Uni days! (of course, not counting holidays or Christmas, or anything like that). I had completely forgotten that you can actually meet people on a Monday at 3 pm! As it happens, she is a teacher who works part time and he is a postman who finishes work quite early in the day. So they were going to take their child to the park when they saw my post on Facebook and decided to come and pay me a visit instead (they said that my house would be much warmer than the park – which it was)

I loved it. I absolutely loved it. It kind of made me feel special. Needless to say, M&J were Jon’s friends, but for the last three years or so they have become MY friends too. And this was just the proof that I really didn’t need. They are happy to come and see ME without Jon being there!

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