Bike, think!

I know a lot of people are going to call me all kinds of names after reading what I am going to say, but if I don’t say I’ll explode!

think bike logo

I would like to ask motor bikers to take a bit longer to THINK about the way they ride their bikes on the roads (specially motorways). Every morning, on my way to work, and in the afternoons, on the way back home, I get overtaken (and undertaken) by bikes that must, easily, be doing more than 100mph. I am tired of seeing them swerving around cars and completely breaking all kinds of road safety rules

Now, most of them have hi-viz vests with the “Think bike” logo on it, and it really annoys me that it has to be the car driver the one that has to be paying attention all the time to see where the bike is going to come from? Right? Left? Behind? Hold on…, but it’s them who drive like maniacs! On top of that I have to be careful not to run them over?

Why can’t I put a sticker in my car that says: Bike, YOU think of the car you’re undertaking! Maybe I should, actually…

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