Build your vocabulary (Part III)

Well, first of all, Happy New Year to all my readers! It was a very short break (or at least it felt short to me) and now I am finally back to normality.

The word that I want to talk about today as part of the “Build your vocabulary” series is not actually a word, but an acronym. It’s EMEAS. It’s a slight variation on the better known EMEA. But since most of you won’t know what it means, I’ll explain.

I already told you all that there were going to be some new changes in the new year regarding work. It is now official, and I can now say that my little, family-owned, company has been bought up by a big multinational French company. They have plans for us, and part of this big plan is that we look after the EMEAS.

During the presentation that I attended, it took me a little while to realise what EMEAS meant, and I finally deduced it out of context. EMEAS little brother, EMEA, is better known around the business world and it means: Europe, Middle East and Africa. The one that we will be looking after has got an S at the end, standing for South America.

I have spoken to my boss and have asked him how my role is supposed to change with the new set up within the new company, and apparently I am going to be more customer-focused, visiting more people and doing more presentations. Well, my heart is undecided about this piece of news. I HATE talking in public. When I talk, my heart pounds in my chest so loudly that sometimes I think people are going to notice. I get all fidgety. I sweat.

On the other hand, I fancy some travelling around the world. I haven’t been to many places and I always fancy seeing new countries and meeting new people. I am aware, however, that travelling for work purposes is not the same than travelling for pleasure. But I can make some concessions, that’s okay.

But I can only wait and see what future has in store for me…


2 thoughts on “Build your vocabulary (Part III)”

  1. I know what you mean about speaking in public (I hate it too), but that sounds really exciting :). I wish my work would take me nice places like South America, embrace it!

  2. Umm….lots of changes!! I have to travel a bit for work and…I have to say that, after a while, gets quite boring, tiring and frustrating. Hope you will enjoy it more than me!

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