Bye bye Tom

Tommy, my first “son”, my ginger friend, my trusty companion… He passed away during the night and has left a massive whole in our hearts.

The tears that we are shedding can’t even compare to the infinite sadness that we are feeling. I can’t stop crying as I write this, and I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be a long while before we can get over this.

We met him for the first time four years ago whilst we were on holiday in southwest Wales. Our friends, who have a B&B, had allowed him to stay in their outside shed and gave him food from time to time. However, due to strict H&S rules, they couldn’t allow him in the house and risk losing their 5* hygine rating.

The moment we first met him we both fell in love with him. He was gorgeous, playful and seemed to like us! Our friends made enquiries with the local vet and cats protection, and when we found out that nobody would miss him (aka, he wasn’t just lost) we decided to take him home with us.

The journey from St Clears to Basingstoke was quite “interesting”. Obviously Tommy was not happy about the cage and being in a moving vehicle was not great for him either. But we made it (quite fast, as well) and we introduced him to his new home.

He was in the garage for a couple of days with brief visits to the garden on a leash. We allowed him in the house on the third day and very gingerly he started exploring his new surroundings. Within a couple of weeks he was the new king of the house.

He got used to his new homely life quite quickly although he would still go out and hunt quite a lot. He settled very well and we never had a problem with him scratching the furniture or with his toilet visits… He was a very domesticated cat!

We have no idea what happened. We went away for the weekend and when we came back on Sunday afternoon we already noticed that he wasn’t being himself. I brought back with me some leftover roasted chicken, and he didn’t finish it all! He would normally devour any meat, so this was already a sign that something wasn’t 100% ok.

But it was towards the end of Monday when I started to be a bit concerned. He had spent the whole day outside in the garden and he seemed to have lost his appetite. He’d been like this before and his yo-yo appetite it’s something that had always bothered us. But he was also behaving weird.

By Tuesday night I was proper worried, as he wasn’t eating anything… Not tuna, not pate, not his favourite Felix sachets… Only cat milk. And only after I put it right under his nose and kind of forced him to drink.

On Wednesday morning Jon called the vet and got an appointment for this morning. Sadly, Tommy didn’t make it.

In hindsight there are a couple of things that we could have done better, like calling the vet sooner. But it was all so sudden! As I said, he’s lost his appetite before so we were waiting for him to get better naturally like he had done in the past.

I am already missing him so much…

I’ll miss him begging for any food that I was eating, and him sitting by my feet at the dinner table.

I’ll miss him following us every time we went out for a walk and see him running in front of us.

I’ll miss arriving home in my car and see him approaching the house as I parked… He knew the sounds of our cars so well!

I’ll miss his purring, and dribbles and his paw-claw. And how he liked to curl up on my lap on cold winter evenings.

I’ll miss how he just loved to be with us regardless of the situation… In the garden, watching TV, outside the shower cubicle. Anywhere.

I’ll miss him jumping on my laptop or on my craft table everytime he wanted tickles.

I’ll miss how he would find the funniest positions during his sleep.

I’ll miss him forever. He was our ginger angel and we loved him so much.

Bye bye Tom. I hope you were happy with us. We certainly were.

Rest in peace beautiful furry friend.


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