General Election 2017

It’s funny that I don’t update this blog very often at all and that the last time I did was about Brexit. Waking up to Brexit last year was one of the biggest shocks of my life (probably only surpassed by Trump winning the election in the US) and I’ve got this dodgy feeling in my belly that the results after tomorrow’s snap general election are going to be another nasty shock.

The impact of the results on Friday is going to be huge. Sadly, once again, we are looking at two main parties, knowing that the smaller ones have no chance of winning. Which is such a shame, as I would love the Greens to get in power. Caroline Lucas is one of the most principled and honest politicians I have ever seen, her integrity still intact! The Lib Dems would also have my vote, however I do not find their leader compelling at all.

So it is red or blue. The long-standing bipartisan battle.

From my local point of view, the Tories have a stronghold here in Basingstoke and getting rid of them is going to be hard. However, I have hope that people have started opening their eyes and are going to take a stand against the hateful policies that the tories are pushing in their manifesto.

The tories are calling for more austerity, which is proven to not work. This means more cuts to basic services like education, health and care. The recent terrorist attacks have also shown the true colours of the current PM, and we’ve got a glimpse of the type of dictator that she wants to become. People have been drawing comparisons between her and Erdogan of Turkey and the similarities are bloodcurling. This is a PM who has pissed off everyone in Europe by being a “difficult woman” on purpose. And that’s the important stuff. Then there’s also “little” things, like bringing back fox hunting, selling arms to the Saudis or the fact that their bloody manifesto is not even costed or she won’t turn up to TV debates.

And on the other side we have Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. Corbyn, for some unknown reason to me, has got many enemies. Not only in the big fat dudes in the top 5% who are going to be taxed shitless, but also in your average voter who has been fed propaganda about him in the last few years. Unfortunately, members of his own party did not want him either and tried a coup which didn’t work, but this put lots of doubts in people’s minds. “He’s not a leader – he can’t even lead his own party”, you hear people say. But there is a reason why he was not liked by even his own party members, and that is because he is one of the closest things that you can get to an honest politician and the establishment was shitting themselves scared. 

As I said earlier, Basingstoke is a Tory stronghold and the chances of the newly-selected Labour candidate being chosen as the winner are close to none. However, I am going to vote tactically. Voting Green or Lib Dem in Basinstoke is wasting the vote. Voting Labour won’t make much difference either, but if Labour are going to lose overall, at least I want to have put their total vote number up, even if just by one. Anything to hurt the tories.

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