I don’t really know anyone any more

It is very interesting, this world wide web. Social media has taken off in a crazy manner in the last 6 or 7 years, and nowadays very few people are still resisting the urge to join Facebook or Twitter, or any of the minor league ones.

I love Facebook. I spend a crazy amount of time on it. In the mornings, whilst the children are having their bottles, I check facebook. Later on, when we’ve come downstairs and they are playing nicely in the living room, I check facebook. At lunch time, whilst we’re munching away, I check facebook. You get the drill.

But something, lately, has made me realise how much I actually DON’T love it. In fact, I am getting very annoyed with it. And it is not Facebook’s fault (or maybe it is), it is mine, for allowing myself fall into this situation. I’ll explain further:

I have never had any problems divulging the innings and outings of my life on social networks. What I am doing / watching / eating / visiting… And ‘why not?’ has always been my answer. ‘At the end of the day I choose who I am sharing with, and they are all friends‘.

Ah, yes. Friends. This is the problem.

If I check my friends’ list on Facebook, I probably KNOW (as in “physically met”) 60% of them. The remaining 40% are either friends of friends or people I have met online, on forums.  But this is not the issue. Because as it turns out, I actually get on better with these people that I have never met. My problem, well -not a problem, more like an issue- is with the people who I know, people who are supposed to be my real friends.

I am annoyed at the fact that it looks like I don’t really know these people any more. They rarely post on Facebook and/or their updates are either vague or generic. I don’t get a real insight to their lives! New boyfriends. New babies. Dead relatives. Holidays. Living in new places. You name it… Ten years ago we would have had a telephone conversation and caught up with our lives. Now I am lucky if I catch somebody else’s comment that throws some light into these people’s lives.

What annoys me is my own “nakedness”, I open myself to them but I get nothing in return.

I appreciate that a lot of people are very private and they wouldn’t dream of telling facebook that they have just had a baby. But doesn’t that work both ways? I mean, is it ok for them to pry into my life but give nothing back? I wonder what happened to that friendship. The kind of friendship that demanded telephone conversations and constant texts. The kind of friendship based on trust and love.

Oh well.

I guess we all change. Our lives took different paths and we disconnected. But if you’re happy to keep your life to yourself, then my dear friend, I am afraid I am going to have to cut you off.

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