I’ve got a problem with the Universe

I have never considered myself an extremely intelligent person. I think I am clever enough (aka, not stupid) and I learn quickly when something interests me. However there is still one subject out there that baffles me and completely frustrates the little intelligence I’ve got. The subject, of course, is the Universe.

I must admit that I have never tried to read any Stephen Hawking’s books (I hear that A brief history of time and The universe in a nutshell are good reads, however I’ve never been bothered) and back at University I had a friend studying Quantum Physics who I used to bore with endless questions that got answered but not understood.

My main and most concerning problem with the Universe is that I simply don’t get the whole “the universe is infinite” thing. Reading this article in the BBC News website hasn’t helped my life-long frustration with the matter. The article states that the Universe will probably expand forever.

Expand? Forever?

Now, those are two terms that my simple mind can’t associate with the Universe. I find it extremely difficult to start to imagine an entity such as the Universe that has been expanding since its creation back in the Big Bang days. I can imagine a balloon expanding. You put too much air on it and it will go boom!. There is a limit to it. It is not infinite. The Universe, however, seems to be able to keep growing indefinitely in the “space” around it.

What is that space? What was there before? Where was it? Where did it come from?

Universe expansion

The problem is that there isn’t an easy-out-of-the-box answer for these questions and I have got a feeling that I may never get to understand them, despite my wanting to understand.
(Oh, and please, the answer being “God” is not an option, because -apart of me not believing that there is a god- then where did that god come from? what was there before it? etc etc etc) The never-ending story..

2 thoughts on “I’ve got a problem with the Universe”

  1. Could you be more specific? All this ranting about the Universe is so out of context 😉

    Seriously, the whole thing is based in nothing (no matter, just energy) being there at first and then energy blasting and creating stuff… We are navigating the emptiness riding debris from a hell of an explosion… but that still account for the piece of rock that we live in, not us…

    If so, there could be some living planet “inhabited” by pieces of rock 🙂 sounds funny, like Bojo…

    I like the idea of God, tho… gives me less headaches 😉 I have trouble with my own questions myself hahahaha

  2. It is not out of context! I am referring to an article from the BBC news website, in which it is said that the universe is going to keep on expanding forever and ever and ever…

    So, you say: “the whole thing is based in nothing […] being there at first”. My problems with it all lay in the words “nothing“, “there” and “first“. Give me definitions and contexts to them and then I’ll be happy 🙂

    Nothing? As opposed to something?
    There? Where?
    First? First of what, what was before first?

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