New shoes

You won’t find me in shoe shops. You will never see me salivating at a pair of heels, or lusting after the newest and coolest Jimmy Choos. I am afraid I am not a shoe person (in the traditional sense of the word “shoe”, aka, not a boot, not a sandal, not trainers, etc)

I am a sneakers / trainers / skate shoes person.

For the last 15 years or so I’ve been buying skate shoes and wearing them for almost most of my day to day activities. I wear them to go to the shop, I wear them when I go out with friends, I wear them to go for a walk, and I wear them for work as often as I can too (without taking the piss, as sometimes I will be frowned upon by the more seriously dressed girls in the office)

This constant wear makes them wear off (forgive the pun) very quickly. That’s why I was super impressed with my latest pair: grey and pink Pull and Bear sport shoes, that have lasted me 4 years. They still look perfectly from the sole up, but the soles themselves have worn off and cracked. In Motril this wouldn’t be an issue, but here in the UK, where it hasn’t stopped raining for the last 4 months solid, well.. not so good.

We were in Stratford upon Avon recently for a lovely mini-break and I couldn’t take it any longer: wet socks and wet feet don’t make a good combination for a romantic weekend. By pure coincidence we walked past a skate shop and look at the window. I saw a pair I liked. And I bought them. Maria is very happy indeed with her new shoes. 🙂

Aren’t they pretty? 

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