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I was in the pub the other day with some friends and the conversations were quite varied. One topic that we started talking about was school trips, as my friend Julia is a primary school teacher and she knows quite a bit about this!

She was telling us about all the trips that her school organises a year for the kiddos. They do like 4 or 5 a year, and some of the trips are several days long!!

Well, that got me thinking on my school trips when I was little. We only had two (three max) school trips a year, and that was quite lucky I believe. 90% of them were only one-day trips, and only in very few occasions we did a 3 or 4 day trip anywhere.

I will try to recall as many as I can.

I think my first school trip ever was to the beach. Motril’s beach is actually a couple of miles away from the town centre, and I have got memories of all the kids walking in line, all grabbing a piece of rope so we all stayed in the line. I must have been something like 5 or 6 years old.

Another one that I did when I was still quite young was to Salobreña, the next door village. It’s got a Moorish castle that is probably the only relic left in the coast of Granada from that period, so Salobreña is always visited by nearby schools. On top of that, Salobreña is quite pretty (or it used to be before it got too touristic) because all the houses built in the mount by the castle are quite traditional and all painted in white.

The school trip that nobody could miss at least once in primary school was a visit to the Alhambra, the famous Moorish Palace in Granada. I must have been at least 6 times between primary and secondary school, and the building always fascinates me every time I visit. Sometimes, especially when a bit older, we would be given a couple of hours of spare time in Granada. And I am almost ashamed to say that a few of those times I spent my allowance in “Galerías Preciados” or “El Corte Inglés” as it would be renamed afterwards.

I can remember a few more trips, but not in chronological order. So here are a few more:

We visited La Sierra de Cazorla, Ubeda and Baeza one time, and I remember that this was my first time staying away from home ever. Three days as well! We stayed in some kind of youth hostel with rooms for ten people. And I remember being very annoyed because I was pulled away from my group of friends to be put with “the naughty girls” because there was a spare space in that room and they needed someone else (I was still a good girl back then)

Another year I remember we went to “Itálica” which is the ruins of a roman settlement. We spent one day visiting the ruins and another day in Seville.

For the end of year school trip at the end of primary school, we went to Madrid, Toledo and Segovia. I have very good memories of that trip, as I had a very good relationship with all my class that year and we all had a very good time together.

And the big one, the one that we all impatiently awaited every year, was our yearly trip to “Tivoli” and “Aquapark” in Malaga. We did this one every year for at least 7 years in a row, until we had to go to Secondary School. (I notice now that they have changed the name from Aquapark to Aqualand…)

Some years we would only go to Tivoli, some years we would only go to Aquapark, some years we would do both on the same day. Aquapark in the morning and Tivoli in the afternoon.

Thinking about it now, I feel so sorry for the teachers that had to look after us. Imagine 80 or more children let loose in a water park, or in an amusement park… Yep, poor teachers…

By the way, for me “Tivoli” has always been the amusement park in Malaga. I had no idea there were other places called Tivoli too. So when I was preparing my trip to Copenhagen last year, and people kept saying “You must go to Tivoli”, I was quite confused at the beginning 🙂

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  1. We only had day trips in my school (and high school). The furthest we EVER went was to Málaga, go figure. I can remember every single school trip between the ages of 5 and 18, they were so few: twice we went to Málaga (once in school, once in high school), twice we went to “granjas-escuela” (both in school), once to the zoo (school), once to the Baelo Claudia ruins (high school). We also had one half-day trip to a local industrial bakery, a half-day trip to the local bonsai museum and the (sadly unavoidable) yearly outing for the School Olympics at the local stadium.

  2. I only remember one school trip to the “granja-escuela” when I was around 7… The next one was last year in BUP (high school), the typical one going abroad with all your classmates for the last year.

    I don´t have good memories from any of them so good thing we didn’t do more! 😀

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