Update on my resolutions (II)

I am afraid I haven’t been too good with my one exisiting resolution (yep, I’ve given up trying to wear skirts and dresses.. maybe in the summer I’ll try again).

I went through a couple of really stressing weeks at the end of February and my poor nails suffered the consequences. I am still trying hard, but my thumbs sometimes look directly into my eyes and say “look at all this tasty skin! Bite it! Pick it!!”.. And I am weak.. I can’t resist tasty skin around my thumb…

As you can see from the photos below, the other fingernails are doing much better, especially my left hand. A different issue, however, is the cuticles. I have no idea why my cuticles are having such a big problem with growing in a normal way..

I don’t want to spend any money on this, but I feel like maybe a trip to the nails department at Boots may be needed, and have a look at what specific products they have for cuticles…

2 thoughts on “Update on my resolutions (II)”

  1. Lo de las cuticulas es porque te muerdes las unyas.
    En vez de cortartelas, empujalas con la punta de las tijeras mismo y puedes recortartelas (pero no las arranques o cortes muy cortas)
    Si te pones crema de manos se ablandaran y quedaran mucho mejor 😉
    Por cierto, haz lo de las cuticulas despues de banyarte/ducharte…es mucho mas sencillo!

  2. Easier said than done. It is going to take me longer than I thought to get them to look properly! The nails themselves are looking ok, but the cuticles still need lots of work…

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