Great Britain is going a bit mental with the Olympics at the moment. London in particular… So many things going on and everybody seems to be in full sporty mode.

And of course, I am no different. I am a great sports watcher. When I like a sport, I will watch it and support it and cheer for it. I have been watching and enjoying all the gymnastics, table tennis, beach volleyball, swimming, handball, diving, etc. However, the one I have definitely enjoyed the most is Volleyball.

I already told the story last year of how my mum used to play volleyball when she was younger and she would take me to the matches with her. I must say, I think it’s one of the sports that I most enjoyed when I was little (despite the fact that I chose handball as the sport to devote myself to a bit later on in life). (By the way, we used to call it “voleibol” and my mum and her friends used to call it “balónvolea“)

Now that I come to think about it, Volleyball was huge in my hometown. There used to be regional competitions and lots of after-school clubs, and I knew lots of people playing it. As I say, I was playing handball at the time, but I still went to watch the volleyball competitions because it is such a great sport to watch.

Now, with the Olympics, I’ve been watching lots of volleyball on the TV (the BBC has got amazing coverage, with stand alone channels live broadcasting for almost each different sport ). And I must say that I suddenly have got the itch to start playing again.

I have investigated a bit and there is a Volleyball Club in Basingstoke who meet twice a week. The problem is the price. They charge £8 for each session that you join, although each session is almost two hours long. It is definitely cheaper than Pilates (£8 per one hour session). But I say it is a problem because I want to continue doing Pilates and I don’t know if I could justify both of them.

Jon would be interested in giving Volleyball a go as well, as he has seen some on the TV and he also thinks that it could be good fun to try. So I think we will contact them and see if we can join them a few times to give it a go. (Although I suspect that just after the Olympics they’re going to be flooded with calls of people who have been inspired by the Olympics, just like myself 🙂


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  1. Meanwhile in the States… NBC has shown a volleyball game (quarters) while the rest of the world vibrated with the 100M race. I am seething with animosity over NBC’s Olympic coverage. Truly appalling.

    Keep us posted if you decide to give it a go!

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