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Yummy (or not so yummy) food!

Eating on the A33

The A33 is the main road from Basingstoke to Reading. We use that road quite often. To go to Reading, to take the M4 or just for pure pleasure to try the many pubs that populate that road and the surroundings.

So far we’ve tried three.

The Longbridge Mill

This is a really nice restaurant. On Sundays they have the typical Sunday roast and from what I remember it is quite a generous size and tasty. And on normal days they divide the restaurant into two different areas, a proper sit down area with a full restaurant menu (a tad pricey, but good quality) and a more informal order-at-the-bar area with more pub-grub food (cheaper and good too)

The actual restaurant is also very nice, nice old building with a real mill, by the river Loddon and a few open fires inside. Really nice and cosy, especially in winter.

The Wellington Arms

This is a really posh restaurant. We had been in Reading one morning and on our way back to Basingstoke we decided to stop at the first pub that we found. And the Wellington Arms was the first one we came across! The first thing that struck us was the clientele… Have you watched Downton Abbey? Remember the scenes when they go hunting? Well, yes, that’s what everyone was wearing… We felt so out of place! But I must say that the place was really nice, decorated very tastefully. And the food was very good too, but it was extremely pricey. It’s the kind of place that I would be very happy to go to if I was a higher class middle age woman who lunches 🙂

The White Hart in Sherfield

This is the latest one that we’ve tried. It was good, although not as good as the other two. It had more of a “local pub” feeling, and the seating down area of the restaurant was completely empty. We were the only ones in there. Sometimes you wonder why that is… The food was okay and reasonable priced, but it still didn’t feel amazing. I suppose it would be more than good enough as your local pub, the place that you visit regularly and sometimes you decide to grab some grub. But it is not somewhere that I will especially visit to eat there again.

PS: This is my 200th post on my blog! Congratulations to myself! 🙂

Loch Fyne, a fine seafood restaurant

Fish and chips, fish fingers or fish cakes are mostly the only fish-based dishes known to your average English person. You could include tinned tuna or salmon, maybe smoked mackerel and prawns as well. But no, English people are not great “fish-people”. Me however, coming from the south of Spain (where my mum goes almost everyday to the fish market to buy real, fresh fish), am used to eating all kinds of different types of fish and seafood very often – or at least, I was!

I’ve been a few times to the Loch Fyne Restaurants and I’ve always had a very good experience. Most of those times I’ve been with family and, I don’t know why, I always had the preconception that it is a very expensive restaurant. But it is not. They always have special offers, set menus, vouchers, etc, and if not, you can always have just one main dish and go home!

Jon and I have gone to one near home today (we were actually surprised how near home it actually is!) and had the lot: starter, main dish and bottle of wine (we would have gone for pudding as well had we not been sooo full!) We both had Mussels for main dish. I had had mussels for starter before and knew they are delicious, but the size of the starter is not huge, so nothing had prepared me for the surprise that was expecting me when I saw the main dish! It was huge! It was, basically, a pot full of mussels.


I had already had squid for starter, so I was feeling pretty much full. I have to say it. I must admit it… I couldn’t finish my meal! I was beaten by mussels! I left about ten or twelve, that may not seem like many, but it is… oh yes, especially when you’ve already eaten like two hundred!

The Loch Fyne we went to today was the one in Cobham. I must say that for a busy Sunday lunchtime, and having turned up without a reservation, the service was very good. Definitely somewhere to go to again!

Rajput – Indian restaurant


Byfleet has two local indian restaurants: The Red Rose and Rajput.

We’ve only been once to the Red Rose, though. People keep talking about it, how good it is, how good the food is, etc. So we went about a year ago, but we weren’t that impressed. The food was okay – just okay – but the service wasn’t that amazing either!

So we decided to stick with our “really” local indian (it’s less than 50 metres away): Rajput.

Rajput could be described as an average local restaurant: medium size, quiet atmosphere, friendly staff, etc. But there is something else about it, something that really makes it special. First of all, the food is amazing. It’s one of the best Indians I’ve ever eaten. From King Prawn Dupiaza, to Lamb Bhoona and the very common Chicken and Mushroom Curry, which has nothing “common” about it! Delicious Bombay Aloo and Chana Massala to go with your meal, and don’t forget the rice. The Popadoms are ALWAYS fresh and crisp, and chutneys and sauces that go with them are always lip-licking good!

You come in the restaurant and you are welcomed by very friendly staff. Even in busy days like Saturday nights, they take the time to serve you well and never rush you out. They will shake your hand as you come in, and as you leave. Although sometimes I wonder if that is just special treatment to failthful customers (and we are)!

So, yes, Rajput is one of my favourite restaurants and I do recommend it to everyone.

Check out their website and give them a go!