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Countdown to the wedding! – “6 weeks to go!”

The final countdown is well underway! I still can’t believe all this time is passing by so quickly. 6 weeks to go – wow. Really scary…

We have mostly everything sorted now. Only a few little details to look after, but all the big things are under control.. even my family travel arrangements are done and dusted! (It looks like if you book several tickets from the same website one after another, they start going up in price. So when you get to the third booking in a row, prices are considerably higher than the first booking. This caused a couple of funny situations with my family…)

I am finally having Hair and Make-up done professionally despite my original refusal. But it is something off my list, and hopefully I won’t be having any more nightmares about it! (although in my last nightmare, I HAD booked the Hair and Make up lady but my phone was off on the day, so I didn’t hear her call, and I forgot that I had to have it done, and an hour before the ceremony I was in the biggest stressful fit you could imagine… Well, that’s nightmares for you)

We also went to see the florist to discuss centrepieces. We originally planned doing them ourselves, with a big candle in the middle and some carnations and ivy, but then we realised that it was a lot of work and decided against it. I’d like something like the pictures below. I saw somewhere something very similar, more like a fishbowl with three or four roses floating in it, and it looked gorgeous. The florist, however, said that it could be a bit pricey as they would have to outsource all the fishbowls. But she’s still going to find out and give me a call.

Centrepiece 1  Centrepiece 2

We need to go and see the cake maker too. Firstly because we’re going to have to pay the remainder monies soon, but most importantly because we originally asked for calla lilies on top of the cake and now we want to change it to white roses. I hope there’s not much of a problem, because she could have already made the calla lilies and then we couldn’t change it. The cake is going to look nice, though 🙂 And I hope everybody likes it! I know it’s very simple (lemon sponge cake) but it so hard to please everybody! and lemon sponge cake is quite popular. I am a bit worried about my family, because they are used to quite rich Spanish cakes and they may think that I haven’t tried hard enough to get a proper cake…

We have also booked some excursions for the honeymoon. Two helicopter rides, one visit to a volcano at sunset, and one day in the beach doing some snuba.


The thing about snuba diving is that you have an air tank on the surface, so it is much better than snorkelling (especially for someone like me, who is petrified of drowning!). And we also hope that Jon will enjoy the Helicopter rides, as it could be a 50-50 thing with his vertigo. Dave -who also suffers from vertigo- did one three years ago and he was fine, so Jon reckons that he’ll be ok too.
All the excursions that we’ve booked are quite short in time (no longer than 3 or 4 hours), as sometimes you can get very tired and the whole purpose of the Honeymoon is relaxing! Short excursions also means that we have a bit more time to ourselves and to enjoy the islands at our leisure.

The countdown continues….


Countdown to the wedding! – “12 weeks to go!”

Somehow, June is still very far away in my head. I keep thinking about June in terms of “Oh, still ages to go”…

However, last Saturday I was reminded that it is only 12 WEEKS TO GO! 3 MONTHS! I can’t believe it. I look at my diary and stare at the dates and still makes no sense. How can time go by so quickly?

Red roses

Still, all the main details for the big day are sorted and only a few issues are still outstanding. Among these are:

     – Finish the invitation’s design, buy all the stationery, make the cards and send the invites! (I’ve put it all in once sentence to fool myself, to make it look like just one task that can be done easily, when the reality is that it’s probably the hardest task to do!)
     – Finalise the honeymoon with the travel agent, pay more monies and book the excursions through the cruiseline website.
     – Choose songs and music for both the ceremony and afterparty (and get John, our DJ, sorted with the PAT test of his equipment)
     – Buy the rings!
     – Think of an order of service and try to convince a member of my family to write a speech.
     – Decide on the table centre pieces and “favours
     – And finally, pay the thousands of pounds still owed to all the suppliers! (I suppose that can wait until the last minute, LOL)

Jon and I agree that, although we’re looking forward to the day, we can’t wait until everything is over and can go back to living and enjoying life without stress…

Countdown to the wedding! – “The Website”

It is something that I had always thought about: a wedding website.

Planning and organising a wedding is quite a task. There are so many details to bear in mind, so many things to take into account, you must be careful with dates, keep a spreadsheet with your budget and make sure you don’t go over it… So making a website, just because, was a whim that we were willing to take on.

It is now live, although it is not quite finished, but you can have a look at it here:


Some people might think that all the information on the website is already going to be sent out with the invitations, but I thought this would be a nice way for close friends and family to have an earlier taste of what’s happening.

I must get a “Spanish” section soon, otherwise my family aren’t going to be too pleased! (although, only one or two people in the whole family can use a computer and would be able to navigate through the site without many problems!)

Have a look if you want and leave a nice comment!!!

Countdown to the wedding! – “National Wedding Show”


I’ve been to the National Wedding Show in Earls Court today. It’s been a great day out with the girls (beacuse of course they boys are not the slightest interested in going to things like that) although I must admit that after 5 hours of wandering around the place, I was knackered.

I won’t say it was a waste of time, because it wasn’t. It’s a different subject, though, the fact that they weren’t selling any of the things I was interested in: shoes, flowers or mobile hairdressers. There were tons and tones of stalls for dresses, honeymoons, cakes, photographers, singers and DJs, stag and hen nights, make up and nails, jewellery and all those things that a) I already have or b) I don’t care much about.

I was really surprised about the Lack-of-Shoes situation. I saw about three different stalls that sold shoes but they only had super-mega-heels ones and only a small showcase of them. They all insist that you visit their website and buy online, but there’s not a chance in hell that I’ll buy shoes without trying them on. Wouldn’t someone about to spend a grand or more on a dress want to also have a look at matching shoes? Apparently not. So it looks like I am going to have to have another girlie day out in search of shoes…

However, I managed to get lots of ideas, for instance, for the groom and other male family members’ suit hire. It was something that I had never thought about. I always assumed that the groom and best man would be in charge of that, but we already know how men are… you have to push them a bit in the right direction 🙂 Got many other ideas for stationery, favours and table decoration…

Something I must say about the event is the appaling organisation. Points I would try to improve if I worked for the organisation:

– More chairs and spaces to rest
– More toilets
– Bigger/wider aisles among the stalls
– More staff to clean up the mess in the eating areas

Earls Court is a huge place but it looks like they tend to forget to look after the customers. At the end of the day we had to pay for the tickets to get in!

I don’t think I’ll be attending any more of these wedding events. I already have the important things: venue, dress, photographer and a groom 🙂 The rest I can figure out with the little help of my friends.

Countdown to the wedding! – “The feared budget”


Finally I had the scary “wedding budget talk” with my family. And I say scary because I am fully aware that my family’s economic situation at the moment is not great. Since closing the ice-cream parlours, my uncle has realised that maybe we can’t continue having the lifestyle we used to have. That barely includes me, as I’ve always been the “saving bee” of the family. But I know that at the moment they are having more expenses than income due to the global credit crunch that is affecting half the world.

But the outcome of the meeting wasn’t as negative as I thought it would be. I was told not to worry and whatever happens they will be responsible of 50% of the wedding expenses. They are relying on the sale of an old house in order to get the money. If that house doesn’t sell, then they’ll have to get a loan or something similar to obtain the money. Of course, I am not 100% happy with this arrangement, as I don’t think it’s fair that people have to get in debt in order to pay for my wedding.

So now the question is, how much do we really need to spend on the wedding? I’ve heard that the average wedding costs around £20,000, which I think is outrageous. There are websites like Nicola Ray’s that give you lots of tricks to get your wedding as cheap as possible (She had hers under £5,000!). But can’t you get something in between? £12,000 sounds about right to me.

The greatest chunk of the budget goes towards the wedding reception: welcome canapes and drinks, 3 course meal, more drinks, evening buffet, more drinks, a few more drinks… Then the flowers and the photographer are the second and third largest chunks of budget. This is, of course, without taking into account the honeymoon!

A lot of money for just two sets of parents…