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Countdown to the Wedding! – “On choosing a venue”

Before I came to live in England, I had only been to 4 or 5 weddings in Spain (two of them my brothers’). Weddings in Spain (at least the ones I’ve been to) are nothing too special: Ceremony in the church, then the guests go to the reception, which usually is a hotel or a big restaurant. Dancing and drinking after dinner, and that’s it. No father of the bride speeches, not bridesmaids, not best man speeches, never heard of “favours”, etc. After that kind of experience, I never thought much about weddings.

But then I came to live in England and I’ve been to three weddings here. All of them were stunningly beautiful, and apart from those little details that make a wedding day unforgetable, I think the real secret lies in choosing the right venue. Leaving hotels and restaurants aside, in the UK you can choose from dozens of different venues, from Manor Houses to Castles, from Town Halls to Golf Courses, from Spas to Museums… Any place you can imagine is available for weddings in the UK.

Now Jon and I must choose a venue for our wedding. There are so many things to take into account, for example: prices, location, surrounding grounds, availability, chooses of menu, hiden costs, etc. Not an easy decision and probably the one decision that will determine the rest of the wedding.

foxhills-venue-surrey-01.jpgJon’s parents have set their heart in a very expensive venue called Foxhills in Ottershaw, not too far from us here in Byfleet and quite near them in Virginia Water. I love the place, it’s simply gorgeous and you can breathe the “class” and “opulence”. Something Tito Pepe would definetely approve of. Problems? The venue is already taken for every single Saturday in 2008, which would mean having to choose either a Friday or a Sunday. Also, the prices are a bit prohibitive. We would have to cut down our budget on something else in order to be able to afford this place.

silvermere.jpgI have set my heart in a much more modest place called Silvermere. It is 5 minutes drive from us in Byfleet and it is not as grandious as Foxhills. On the other hand, there’s a gorgeous lake and the grounds are stunning. We have checked the rooms out yet, but according to what I’ve seen on the internet the place is much more affordable and somehow it inspires me a bit more confidence than Foxhills. I suppose we will have to give them a call and also see the availability for next year and ask all those tricky questions that one must ask before making a decision.