Messy eating

Is it just me, or isn’t “messy eating”  just the best? Don’t you love it when you’re trying to eat something that just dismantles in front of you as you try to take a bite?

Yes, I love it.

I made a traditional “Pepito” sandwich today for lunch. For those of you who don’t know, a “Pepito” is a sandwich in baguette or French bread filled with grilled loin of pork, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. And of course, if you’re anything like me, you’ll fill the bread until nothing else could be held inside.

pepito de lomo sandwich

Well, the first bite and everything exploded… Mayo everywhere, pork juices everywhere, tomatoes, lettuce… What and mess! But you know what? I loved it!

A lot of people complain about the fact that English people eat too many sandwiches, but the truth is that we also do in Spain! The difference is that the technique has been perfected in Spain, both because of the bread and because of the fillings. The traditional English BLT tastes so much better when made in French bread and the juices from grilling the bacon are added to the bread! But then, we have all kinds of “sausages” like chorizo, salchichón, salami, etc that have only started to enter the British market.

I say give the British a couple more years and the quality of the sandwiches will considerably improve!

6 thoughts on “Messy eating”

  1. I can’t stand it. My sandwiches need to be neat, nothing can stick out and the filling must be sparse. I have to pat-dry dripping items before putting them onto the bread. I can’t even use tomato slices on my sandwiches!! And I get all worked up (literally!) if I see mayo, sauces and juices running down someone else’s elbow.

  2. Hahahahha… xD Then it must be just me. I must say, though, that I only like messy eating from the comfort of my own house.. I hate it when it happens in the middle of a bar or restaurant, especially if it’s one of those where people around you are looking just waiting for it to happen xDDD

  3. Pepito with tomato, salad and mayo?? Noooo! Well, at least not in Madrid.
    A pepito “de ternera” is made of a stake of beef and a bit of olive oil to make the bread soft… 🙂

  4. Oh my… The only British sandwich I can stand is the Cheese+Onion one. I just find the others …. lacking the taste of spanish ones.

    It maybe be the fact of putting cucumber everywhere, and the need for mayonaisse which sometimes just screws a good chicken and bacon sandwich.

    I just can’t see how this sandwich eater, commuting, food-on-the-go consuming country has not learn how to make a proper sandwich.

    I agree with you. It is the bread what makes the biggest difference. Maybe that is why I kinda like Subway. That and the fact that no matter what you choose, it always taste the same. 😉

  5. Come on, cucumber on sandwiches is just the BEST! This is my favourite sandwich ever. British sliced bread is, without a doubt, what I miss most these days. I have often wondered at their inability to sell proper, yum-tasting sandwiches, but I’d choose their sandwich concept over the Spanish one any day.

  6. Hahahaha… Mortiziia, the sandwich in your photo looks more or less exactly the same as my favourite Subway: Italian BMT with tomatoes and cucumber (and sweet onion sauce)

    Listen to me guys, I predict that in a couple of years British people are going to perfect their sandwich technique and are going to even improve on Spanish ones!

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