Why am I here?

Many years have passed since my introduction to the internet. It must have been something like 1997 when I first starting exploring this fascinating e-world. In all these years, I must have created around 20+ online accounts with different companies, serving different purposes: From email like hotmail, yahoo, gmail or the old ones at Uni (Granada and Portsmouth) to social networks like Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, WAYN, etc.

I have to admit it. All those “virtual” me’s were purely a cry-out to the world, saying “LOOK AT ME”. An ego-trip. Self-esteem booster. Conceited definitions of myself. Pure narcissism. I don’t deny it.
But I suppose I have reached a time in my life when I don’t really need this anymore. Turning 30 has really been a turning point in my life! Okay, yes, I will still be addicted to the internet, I won’t lie, but I am tired of wondering “what is the meaning” anymore. One can’t go cold turkey with the internet. It doesn’t work, I’ve tried it before. So I think the solution is having everything under one single roof: your own personal website.

6 thoughts on “Why am I here?”

  1. Me too – I hope you like your new home – I enjoyed setting it up for you.

    Its like myspace where people post comments, and you can change your site appearance if you like – it just means its all yours…

    Its a nice feeling – knowing all your personal thoughts and stuff are copyrighted to you and you only, and noone will ever sell your words and details, its all on my web server!!!

    As I do more sites, I will learn how to add many more cool things to YOUR site! 🙂

    Welcome home…..

  2. My heart, American; my soul, Spanish. I went to Spain in 1995, and stayed until 1999. From twelve to eighteen, I lived among the kind, free, and patient people of Andalucia. In Rota (CADIZ) the people would smile and help me as i struggled to learn Spanish. I drove the engine off of a Piaggio Nrg. Who knew a lawnmower engine could go so fast? But I digress. I still struggle with Spanish, but lo trato de hablar a qualquier vez que viene. Tengo problems con “haber” quizas tu puedes ayudarme ;). My Girlfriend and I are about to be parents and I really want my son to undertand Spanish. I want to teach him, but mine is limited and I have mediocre grammer. What is the best way for him to learn?

  3. Maria,

    Looks like you let me in just under the wire on Myspace based on your last blog there…thanks. Just read El Desconocido’s comment above. Amazing to see almost my exact sentiments about Spain come from the fingertips of another American! Must be something in your writing style that brings it out in us. Hope you stop by my page from time to time. I have a lot more blogs building up inside me just waiting to come out. you might like my English cars/motorcycle pic too. Keep in touch, and thanks.


  4. Hi Maria,
    I´m a spanish woman about to marry an english guy living in Toulouse (France).
    I´ve just found you when I was trying to get some info about getting married in England or Spain.
    I agreed with you in every single commnet you made about taking your future´s husband´s surname.
    The only problem is that all the people that is giving you all these “judging” opinions don´t have a clue about the english traditions.
    So, let´s go on with the show and leave behing the narrow minds in Spain.
    I´m happy for you and I enjoyed with your website a lot.
    P.D. I realised you´re spanish when I´ve finished my comment.Jajajajaja
    Next time I promise to write in spanish…

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