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Byfleet has two local indian restaurants: The Red Rose and Rajput.

We’ve only been once to the Red Rose, though. People keep talking about it, how good it is, how good the food is, etc. So we went about a year ago, but we weren’t that impressed. The food was okay – just okay – but the service wasn’t that amazing either!

So we decided to stick with our “really” local indian (it’s less than 50 metres away): Rajput.

Rajput could be described as an average local restaurant: medium size, quiet atmosphere, friendly staff, etc. But there is something else about it, something that really makes it special. First of all, the food is amazing. It’s one of the best Indians I’ve ever eaten. From King Prawn Dupiaza, to Lamb Bhoona and the very common Chicken and Mushroom Curry, which has nothing “common” about it! Delicious Bombay Aloo and Chana Massala to go with your meal, and don’t forget the rice. The Popadoms are ALWAYS fresh and crisp, and chutneys and sauces that go with them are always lip-licking good!

You come in the restaurant and you are welcomed by very friendly staff. Even in busy days like Saturday nights, they take the time to serve you well and never rush you out. They will shake your hand as you come in, and as you leave. Although sometimes I wonder if that is just special treatment to failthful customers (and we are)!

So, yes, Rajput is one of my favourite restaurants and I do recommend it to everyone.

Check out their website and give them a go! www.rajput-byfleet.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Rajput – Indian restaurant”

  1. Hello,

    What was your experience like the first time that you tried Indian food? What made you try it, and how long did it take before it was one of your favorites? I know that some Spaniards don’t go in for food that they think will be “too” spicy.

    By the way, what do you think of traditional British cuisine? The stereotype is that it’s bland, but I’ve never been to the U.K.

  2. Hi Anwar, many thanks for your comments.

    The first time I tried Indian food was in 2002, when I came to stoy in Portsmouth for a year. I must say that I was really scared because I didn’t know what to expect, and I went for the mildest dish: Korma. It took me a couple of years to “advance in the spicy ladder”, and now I am happy with a Medium curry 🙂

    I’m not sure about what you say that Spaniards don’t go for spicy food. Maybe you know that a lot of Spanish food is quite spicy! But I think the problem generally is more about being scared of trying new things.

    Traditional British Cuisine, per se, doesn’t exist. There are quite a few traditional dishes, but rarely you find a restaurant or a recipe book about “traditional british cuisine”. I like many Bitish dishes, like Sheperds Pie, a good Roast dinner, etc. But to be honest, I love food, and would be happy eating mostly anything 🙂

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