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Eating on the A33

The A33 is the main road from Basingstoke to Reading. We use that road quite often. To go to Reading, to take the M4 or just for pure pleasure to try the many pubs that populate that road and the surroundings.

So far we’ve tried three.

The Longbridge Mill

This is a really nice restaurant. On Sundays they have the typical Sunday roast and from what I remember it is quite a generous size and tasty. And on normal days they divide the restaurant into two different areas, a proper sit down area with a full restaurant menu (a tad pricey, but good quality) and a more informal order-at-the-bar area with more pub-grub food (cheaper and good too)

The actual restaurant is also very nice, nice old building with a real mill, by the river Loddon and a few open fires inside. Really nice and cosy, especially in winter.

The Wellington Arms

This is a really posh restaurant. We had been in Reading one morning and on our way back to Basingstoke we decided to stop at the first pub that we found. And the Wellington Arms was the first one we came across! The first thing that struck us was the clientele… Have you watched Downton Abbey? Remember the scenes when they go hunting? Well, yes, that’s what everyone was wearing… We felt so out of place! But I must say that the place was really nice, decorated very tastefully. And the food was very good too, but it was extremely pricey. It’s the kind of place that I would be very happy to go to if I was a higher class middle age woman who lunches 🙂

The White Hart in Sherfield

This is the latest one that we’ve tried. It was good, although not as good as the other two. It had more of a “local pub” feeling, and the seating down area of the restaurant was completely empty. We were the only ones in there. Sometimes you wonder why that is… The food was okay and reasonable priced, but it still didn’t feel amazing. I suppose it would be more than good enough as your local pub, the place that you visit regularly and sometimes you decide to grab some grub. But it is not somewhere that I will especially visit to eat there again.

PS: This is my 200th post on my blog! Congratulations to myself! 🙂