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My tiramisú

The first time I made tiramisú I knew from the start that coffee wouldn’t be an important ingredient in the recipe as most recipes tell you. I don’t like coffee that much. I can tolerate a very milky latte if I feel very sleepy and I need the caffeine. But that’s about it.

I have now made “my” tiramisú around 6 or 7 times, and it is always delicious. Everytime 🙂

The difference between “my” tiramisú and any other recipe that you can find on the internet is not only the amount of coffee, but also the fact that I put Baileys on it. Lots of Baileys.

Jon and I decided that it would be fun to record me making one and afterwards we uploaded it to youtube! I wonder if it’ll get superpopular and people will start putting Baileys into their tiramisús, and who knows, maybe one day in a hundred year’s time or something like that, people would actually think that Baileys was always part of the recipe 🙂

And here’s the video:

Jon and I enjoyed the experience of making the video so much, that we may do it again with a different recipe 🙂