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“Buying a new house” – Compromises

The ball has started rolling and sooner than what we thought, we will be leaving our beloved house in Byfleet.

We have been here three years and a bit, and in this time we have learnt to love it but we have also had enough time to tire of its faults. It was our home, but a home that needed improvement.

When moving house on a budget, everybody knows that at some point you have to compromise. But however many things we have compromised on, this new house in Basingstoke is still so worth it.

Our House in Basingstoke

What won’t I miss from Willowside? I won’t miss the noisy neighbours, I won’t miss the parking issues. I will definetely not miss the small kitchen and all the storage problems. I won’t miss the pebbled entrance, or the tiny-freezing-cold loo. I will easily forget about the electric heaters, the noisy pump and the non-mixer tap in the bathroom sink.

But there are also a few things that I am certainly going to miss. I will miss the proximity to work. I will miss looking out of the bedroom window from the bed and seeing all the trees full of birds and squirrels. I will miss the quiet and tranquility of my road after 9pm – no noise!. I will miss the fireplace. I will miss the village green and all the local amenities.

But when putting both lists on a balance, the new house has got so many more advantages that I will soon stop missing anything about the old house (except the short journey to work, I suppose). I wonder if I’ll still think the same after we’ve moved in!