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Countdown to the wedding! – “2 weeks to go!”

The really serious “final countdown” has started (Is it only me, or does everybody have to hum the tune to Europe’s song when the words “the final countdown” appear anywhere…?)

I can not believe it is two weeks to the great day. It hadn’t really downed on me yet, but this afternoon, as Jon was getting ready to go on his Stag-do weekend finally the penny dropped. Yes, in two week’s time we will be married. In two week’s time we will be husband and wife. In a fortnight I will no longer be a 31-year-old-single-girl, but a 31-year-old-married-woman. How scary!

Tomorrow I’m going into London for a “pre-wedding get together”. I don’t want to call it a Hen Night because of several reasons (the most important one: it won’t take place at night) Seriously, it is just a get together with my only few friends here in the UK. We will go for lunch to a Greek restaurant (www.therealgreek.com) in Marylebone and then the plan is to either go to Hyde Park and get a boat on the Serpentine, or go to the Photographer’s Gallery (www.photonet.org.uk) in Oxford Street if the weather is not too good. Depending on how we all are feeling, we may even do both things! I would very much like to do both, but we’ll see…

And not much more to tell, really. Well, probably lots of things, but at the moment I’m so stressed about the whole thing, that the more I think about it, the more nervous I become! So better leave it like that. In 4 weeks time, when we’re back from the honeymoon, there’ll be no more talk about the wedding… It all will be over…

Countdown to the wedding! – “12 weeks to go!”

Somehow, June is still very far away in my head. I keep thinking about June in terms of “Oh, still ages to go”…

However, last Saturday I was reminded that it is only 12 WEEKS TO GO! 3 MONTHS! I can’t believe it. I look at my diary and stare at the dates and still makes no sense. How can time go by so quickly?

Red roses

Still, all the main details for the big day are sorted and only a few issues are still outstanding. Among these are:

     – Finish the invitation’s design, buy all the stationery, make the cards and send the invites! (I’ve put it all in once sentence to fool myself, to make it look like just one task that can be done easily, when the reality is that it’s probably the hardest task to do!)
     – Finalise the honeymoon with the travel agent, pay more monies and book the excursions through the cruiseline website.
     – Choose songs and music for both the ceremony and afterparty (and get John, our DJ, sorted with the PAT test of his equipment)
     – Buy the rings!
     – Think of an order of service and try to convince a member of my family to write a speech.
     – Decide on the table centre pieces and “favours
     – And finally, pay the thousands of pounds still owed to all the suppliers! (I suppose that can wait until the last minute, LOL)

Jon and I agree that, although we’re looking forward to the day, we can’t wait until everything is over and can go back to living and enjoying life without stress…