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Yesterday I flew a kite for the first time in my life.

I remember my mum bought one once when I was little, but it was a DIY one that you kind of had to put together. And my mum, bless her, well.. she’s not the most crafty person ever and she never managed to put it together, so I never got to fly a kite. Which was quite disappointing because it’s something always attracted to me a lot.

But yesterday I finally fulfilled my childhood dream! (well, not quite a *dream*, but you know what I mean)

Jon and I went to see Jon’s parents who have now moved to a little village in the border between Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, and the place is just idyllic. Imagine the vision that you’ve always had of rural England: stone cottages, traditional pubs, friendly neighbours, etc. This village is what I was kind of expecting of the UK when I visited for the first time. That’s how rural England had been described to me and how it lived in my mind! (and yes, in London all businessmen wore bowler hats and carried an umbrella with them at all times…)

After lunch in the traditional and friendly pub we went to Burton Dassett, just over the other side of the M40, for a little stroll and to fly Dave’s kite.

Not only was the place absolutely gorgeous, but flying the kite also was so much fun! We weren’t the only ones flying kites, it looks like it’s a hotspot! But that comes as no surprise, as it was really windy! The perfect day for it. I really struggled at the beginning… not having done it ever it is understandable! But I got the hang of it eventually and I absolutely loved it. It is really good fun and something I am looking forward to doing again in the future! I was amazed about the power and strength of the wind; it could get dangerous!

Here are a few photos taken on the day:

Shame I couldn’t get the kite in the shot!

Blurry because of all the action!

Spitting distance

I haven’t been in much of a mood for updating the blog lately. I suppose I have been half lazy / half busy. With Jon’s new job, I kind of promised myself to be a bit more “housewifey”, ie, prepare lunch in the mornings, have dinner ready in the evenings, keep up with the washing up and ironing, etc. A very good idea only if I already didn’t have to work full time and commute for 2 hours every day. So, the result is that, although I am trying and kind of succeeding, I am also a bit tired in the evenings to do anything that requires from me anything more than sitting in front of the telly or lying down in bed…

Well, after this rumble, I just want to talk about something nice and pretty. I don’t want to write about anything that has to be thought about first. No clever discussions in here today, sir.

And what is that something nice and pretty? Well, something that is just a stone’s throw away from our house: The lovely countryside in Basingstoke’s outskirts.

I live just there, where the star is in this picture below. And as you can see, to the left of the picture everything is green. Fields and fields for miles and miles, with tiny lovely traditional villages on the way…

Basingstoke countryside

We went for a walk just a couple of weeks back (when the weather was lovely for it) and both Jon and I were humbled at the beauty that lives just at our doorstep. We have woods to the north of our estate and fields to both east and west (and kind of south too, but you’d have to skip the town first).

And we are going to enjoy all this beauty that seems to be there just for us. Definitely. Spring, here we come.

Lovely picture that I took the other day

Okay, this is cheating, because I took this photo in the spring of last year, but you can get an idea..