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I have a dream

Hollywood films have a lot to answer for. They have been bombarding us with the image of the perfect happy family for so long, that a simple look to our plain and regular lot makes us feel disappointed.

Still, I think it can be done, especially at crucial times like Christmas.

And I have a dream.

My dream consist of a big living room / dining room, with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, surrounded by perfectly wrapped presents and other gorgeous decorations. The house smells of cinnamon and cleanliness. Everybody is dressed up but without looking over the top. The children are running around and playing nicely. Everybody is mingling and having politics-and-religious-free conversations. The food, which looks straight out of an M&S advert, is served right on time, nothing is burnt, or undercooked, and everybody loves everything. There aren’t any fussy or picky eaters and even the traditional Christmas pudding (which I don’t personally like) is a success. After the meal more merriment, with singing and a bit of entertainment from the kids, who have been rehearsing a little play for the last couple of weeks. We open presents, more oh!s and ah!s, more easy flowing conversation. A few anecdotes from the elders of the family, the same anecdotes that we have heard again and again before, but make us laugh every time. Everybody chips in with the tidying up and then they all leave without much fuss, leaving me time to sit down by the fireplace with a glass of Baileys in my hand, looking out of the window to the freshly laid snow and relive the best moments of the day.

That is my white Christmas dream. I’ll let you all know if it comes true one day 🙂

Dreams and some basic questions

I’ve just finished watching a film called Cashback (totally recommendable, I enjoyed it a lot). In one of the scenes, two of the main characters are talking about their life’s dreams. He wanted to be a painter and she wanted to travel South America.

This has made me think about what I want from life, what my life’s dreams and goals are. And, honestly, I have no idea.


When I was about 12-14 I wanted to be a DJ. One of my mum’s friends had a pub back in Motril and he even let me DJ once (at the age of 13!) I still remember it so well, I loved it. I even remember some of the songs I played. Among them, “Killer” by Seal/Adamski, “Unbelievable” by EMF, and “Groove is in the Heart” by Deelite. And I must have done well, because a lot of people complemented me on the night (although in hindsight I am not sure if it’s because they were feeling sorry for me!)

Then, later on in life, I wanted to become a teacher. And I tried very hard to become one. I did all my training courses and even worked shortly as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language, and although I briefly enjoyed it, it was also very stressfull and decided against it. No, that was not going to be my career path.

And now, I don’t really know what to expect from life. If money was no object I can think of many a thing to do, like become a concert promoter or a fashion photographer. I could even move to the countyside and have a little farm. But money IS an object and I have to decide (or not) what I want to do with my life. Because that is the question. Is it really dishonourable to just live life and not worry about tomorrow? And I don’t mean it in the “carpe diem” sense, but in the “well, we’ll see what happens in two years time…” I am happy like I am at the moment. I have a great man who I’m going to marry in just a few weeks’ time, I have a good job, some good friends, and I am actually living one of the dreams I always had: living in the UK.

But, what happens when you’re content with what you’ve got?
When is it ok to stop desiring things?
And, is it okay at all?
Wouldn’t many people think that when you stop having aspirations then you’re dead inside?
Where’s my inspiration?