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Ex-Twitter Updates

I gave up twitter a while ago, as I couldn’t see the point (because I already do “status updates” through facebook). However, I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had much time either to spend on Facebook!… I am neglecting my cyber friends. I am neglecting my own blog.. Shame on me…

So here’s a list of my would-have-been updates of the last few days/weeks:

29/05/2010 – Enjoying Eurovision at home whilst Jon is out on the piss with Mark. This year’s programme is not as amusing as last year’s (99% of the countries are taking it very seriously!) Stupid guy jumped onstage during the Spanish song… grrrrr…. I didn’t really liked the German song that much… I wish all countries would sing in their own language! Everybody except for 6 countries sang in English!

31/05/2010 – SOOO HOT this weekend. Lovely bbq in the garden yesterday and off to Winchester for the afternoon today.

01/06/2010 – going back to work after a bank holiday is 10 times worse than on a normal week 🙁

04/06/2010 – Gone to the Comedy Store in London for Jana’s birthday and had an amazing time. All 5 comedians (not well known ones) were fantastic in their own style and really made me laugh out loud.

05/06/2010 – We celebrate our first wedding anniversary this weekend. Jon takes me to the New Forest for a horse ride and we will be having dinner in a fantastic Italian Trattoria Restaurant that had a honourable mention in the Michelin guide this year!

06/06/2010 – Really amazed at how beautiful the new forest is. It feels like we are hundred of miles away from Basingstoke, when in reality we are less than one hour drive away!

07/06/2010 – Monday morning. In the car on our way to work we’ve realised how little we like Chris Moyles. Have decided to change radio station and have come across “LBC” from London. It’s a “talk radio”, ie, they only speak and there’s no music. We are quite surprised that we are enjoying it so much… We’re becoming grumpy old people listening to this station! All they do is moan moan moan, and we love it!

09/06/2010 – what happened to the nice weather? I hope it  comes back for the weekend. Chris J and Helene will be visiting on Sunday and I fancy another BBQ!!

It’s been oh so quiet…

I have just noticed that I haven’t written any blog entries for a while. I believe the cause is a mixture of 1) nothing too exciting happening and 2) when something exciting happened, I was just too lazy to write about it.

So, what “exciting” things have happened lately?

Ludovico’s Concert

Since watching “This is England” a few years ago, Jon and I have loved Ludovico Einaudi’s music. For those of you who don’t know him, he is an italian piano composer who creates very melancholic pieces that really evoke images into your head. There’s no way that you can listen to his music without being touched in a way or another.

After listening to an advert for his latest album on Spotify, I decided to check out his website and saw that he was just in the middle of a tour around the UK. The following day he was going to play in Basingstoke! Without a doubt, I booked two tickets for the concert.

And there we went. We took the train when we noticed that it would be faster than actually driving and got to Basingstoke with plenty of time to go around the shopping centre and nose around for a while. We decided to eat in Wagamama’s despite Jon’s preference for Nando’s (the queue was smaller at Wgmms!). Ate, went to the Anvil, had a drink and got to our seats. We had been wondering if we were going to be the youngest people at the concert, but we were quite impressed to see lots of people our age and even younger ones (with their parents, of course)

The musicians came on stage and the concert began. The music was fantastic, the musicians so talented.. It was awesome. Suddenly, I keep looking at two of the mucisians on stage and keep thinking “I’ve seen them before, somewhere else“. Finally the penny dropped and realised that Ludovico and all the musicians were all seating next to us at Wagamamas!!! I can’t believe I didn’t notice earlier and I would have asked for a photo and signature!

Some friends run a charity called M.A.D. for Africa (M.A.D. = Make a difference). It’s totally family-run and they don’t take any money out of the cash they collect, which means that all of it goes to the actual charity. They are building (they have finished it now, actually) a school in a small village in Gambia, and they are considerably transforming the quality of life in that village.

They hold Charity events every year and Jon and I have attended them from the beginning. The format for the event changed this year, though, because they want to make it more accesible to young people, so rather than hosting a formal dinner and having an auction afterwards, this year they held a Quiz Night.

It was so much fun. I do love quizes, although sometimes it has become apparent that I do not know enough about the British popular culture and have been to quizes where I’ve only been able to answer a couple of questions only. However, this time I was quite good! We even managed to win and all (*smirking all proud*)

Ripley Bonfire and Fireworks

Went to the Ripley Bonfire and Fireworks night for the second year running, with Mum and Dad, Paul and Olga. We had to park in first car park that we found, because it was getting late when we got there and had no idea if we would be able to find anywhere closer to the field. The problem was that this car park was miles away and we had to walk for quite a while in the dark to get to the main street where we were meeting P&O.

The bonfire was, I believe, even bigger than last year’s, and it took forever to burn down. Fire is such a wonderful thing to watch (a safe fire, I mean) and, even better, it gets you warm! This was a bit too big, I think, and we were a bit too near. Towards the middle it was getting a bit uncomfortable to watch, everybody was too hot… but we managed.

We didn’t move somewhere else as I had suggested to watch the fireworks, and unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy them as much as expected. We were still tight next to the bonfire and the big, bright source of light was spoiling the sharpness of the fireworks. There was also a big cloud of smoke on the way, so most of the time you had to look through this cloud to see the fireworks.

Next year, if we’re still in the area, I’d like to go again, because it’s such a big bonfire and fireworks. But I’ll definetely move somewhere where the bonfire can be behind me when the fireworks start, rather than in front of me.

Here’s a photo from last years bonfire (I didn’t take my camera this year)


Moving house?

Jon and I have now finally decided that we don’t want to stay in this house anymore. It was perfect for us when we first saw it 3 and a half years ago, but sadly, it is now too small for us. We’re thinking of moving out of this area (being this close to London makes property prices be so much higher than anywhere else!) and try to get a 3 bedroom house in some other area like Bracknell, Camberley, Guildford, etc. We could even consider going as far as Basingstoke.

The questions now are these:

– Do we want a new build or a “second hand” house?
– Will we be able to get a better mortgage deal if we leave Northern Rock?
– Will we manage to make a profit when selling this house?

I hate finances and numbers, they make me nervous and depress me. I am leaving all the heavy thinking to Jon because I can’t be bothered to worry about all those things. I rather worry about the colour we will get for the new curtains in the dining room! 

And this is it for now. Read you soon.

Dreams and some basic questions

I’ve just finished watching a film called Cashback (totally recommendable, I enjoyed it a lot). In one of the scenes, two of the main characters are talking about their life’s dreams. He wanted to be a painter and she wanted to travel South America.

This has made me think about what I want from life, what my life’s dreams and goals are. And, honestly, I have no idea.


When I was about 12-14 I wanted to be a DJ. One of my mum’s friends had a pub back in Motril and he even let me DJ once (at the age of 13!) I still remember it so well, I loved it. I even remember some of the songs I played. Among them, “Killer” by Seal/Adamski, “Unbelievable” by EMF, and “Groove is in the Heart” by Deelite. And I must have done well, because a lot of people complemented me on the night (although in hindsight I am not sure if it’s because they were feeling sorry for me!)

Then, later on in life, I wanted to become a teacher. And I tried very hard to become one. I did all my training courses and even worked shortly as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language, and although I briefly enjoyed it, it was also very stressfull and decided against it. No, that was not going to be my career path.

And now, I don’t really know what to expect from life. If money was no object I can think of many a thing to do, like become a concert promoter or a fashion photographer. I could even move to the countyside and have a little farm. But money IS an object and I have to decide (or not) what I want to do with my life. Because that is the question. Is it really dishonourable to just live life and not worry about tomorrow? And I don’t mean it in the “carpe diem” sense, but in the “well, we’ll see what happens in two years time…” I am happy like I am at the moment. I have a great man who I’m going to marry in just a few weeks’ time, I have a good job, some good friends, and I am actually living one of the dreams I always had: living in the UK.

But, what happens when you’re content with what you’ve got?
When is it ok to stop desiring things?
And, is it okay at all?
Wouldn’t many people think that when you stop having aspirations then you’re dead inside?
Where’s my inspiration?