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My tiramisú

The first time I made tiramisú I knew from the start that coffee wouldn’t be an important ingredient in the recipe as most recipes tell you. I don’t like coffee that much. I can tolerate a very milky latte if I feel very sleepy and I need the caffeine. But that’s about it.

I have now made “my” tiramisú around 6 or 7 times, and it is always delicious. Everytime 🙂

The difference between “my” tiramisú and any other recipe that you can find on the internet is not only the amount of coffee, but also the fact that I put Baileys on it. Lots of Baileys.

Jon and I decided that it would be fun to record me making one and afterwards we uploaded it to youtube! I wonder if it’ll get superpopular and people will start putting Baileys into their tiramisús, and who knows, maybe one day in a hundred year’s time or something like that, people would actually think that Baileys was always part of the recipe 🙂

And here’s the video:

Jon and I enjoyed the experience of making the video so much, that we may do it again with a different recipe 🙂

In the last few weeks…

I thought a little update was due, so last night I decided to write a little blog to tell my adventures (none, really) in the last few weeks. To my surprise, my website was down! I have never had this happening to me before. At first I thought I had the wrong address. However, I’ve got it saved on my favourites, so it’s not like I typed it wrong… Then I thought someone might have hacked it and suddenly I panicked thinking that I had lost everything! Lastly, Jon just said that the server was probably down and it would be back to normal soon. Relief.

Life’s been ok in the last few weeks. Summer is DEFINETELY on its way out and now that I think about it, I have hardly had any chances of wearing any of those pretty dresses I bought for the honeymoon. At least I wore them in Hawaii!
If you look it up on Wikipedia or anywhere else, I am pretty sure experts would consider Britain to be “seasonal” (opposed to “tropical”, for instance) However, we only seem to get three seasons a year rather than the normal four. That’d be: spring, autumn and winter. We had a lovely spring, then autumn came, and it seems like we’re two weeks into winter now. No, not really, only joking. I must admit that, if not hot, we’re having a few sunny, warm days lately, and any weather of the kind is always welcome.

At the beginning of August, Jon and I went to see Crim’s race in Ringwood. I knew it wasn’t going to be a “normal” race, but nothing had prepared me for what I was about to see (Did I already write about this in my last blog entry? Sh*t, I can’t even check if I have!)
Well, basically, it was a “Banger race”.
If you, unknown reader, have never been to one, you MUST. It is quite an experience, and you won’t be able to say EVER that you know what the real England is until you’ve seen it and experienced it with your own eyes. It is just pure entertainment. Just good fun.

A few days later, Jon and I were invited to the theatre by my friend Celia. It was her wedding present, as I hadn’t let her give me any cash at the wedding. We went to see “The Cherry Orchard” at the Old Vic. Funnily enough, she gave me the tickets for safekeeping a few weeks before, as she thought she might lose them… And I lost them! I hadn’t panicked so much in long time. Especially because I knew they weren’t cheap tickets, and the show might be full if I needed to buy replacement ones. Luckily, when I called the box office they told me that they could print a second copy without any extra charge, which made me really happy.

The play was FANTASTIC. I had never been so enthralled and fascinated by a theatre play. The acting was just simply outstanding, and apart from Ethan Hawke, there were quite a few amazing actors.


The Saturday of that week we went to the Rally experience day, driving past the Cotswolds (and that is my previous entry)

The following Saturday were invited to our second “The Horror” BBQ in Portsmouth. I must say that I really enjoy The Horror & partner’s company, and their friends are quite amusing too. And, everything has to be said, food usually is NICE at their barbies!

The following weekend was the Bank Holiday weekend. We took Friday off as well and headed off to Bristol and South West Wales for a mini holiday, visiting Pat and Steve at their B&B. Bristol was promising, but disappointing in the end. It was promising for two main reasons:

          The Banksy Exhibition at the Bristol Museum, and

          The city, being a university city, looked like it had much more to offer than we actually saw. Summer holidays and a Bank Holiday weekend meant that it was pretty much empty and many of the amenities simply weren’t open to the public.

The day before we set out we saw the Bristol Museum website where it warned people about the size of the queues for the exhibit. We laughed it off and thought that it was probably the employees of the museum trying to scare people off. But no. They weren’t joking.

The queues were HUGE. I have never seen anything like that. We arrived at more or less 10:30 in the morning. We asked one of the ladies who was looking after the queue and she said something like this: “mmm, it’s 10:30, queue times are approximately 6 hours, we close at 4:30… mmm, no, I don’t think you’ll make it in. I wouldn’t queue if I were you” WHAAAAT?


Wales was nice, I quite enjoyed it. Everything very much like still in the 60s, villages were very traditional and you could feel a very strong feeling of “welsh nationalism” around. You don’t get that in England, unless you see someone wearing an England football shirt. (I’ve heard that a lot of people in England are afraid of showing off their “patriotism” because of being told off or even denounced by non-British who say they are OFFENDED by the flags. Un-fooking-believable.)


Last weekend was a very quiet one. Jon went out on Saturday with John and Dave to film their “Mange” film… A horror film by Vulgaria Productions. Need I say more?
However, on Friday it was me who went out to a Spaniards meet up. I was only 4 of us for most of the night, and then just 3. Not the big turn-up that I was expecting. I suppose that the next one must be organised with a bit more time. It was a very pleasant evening, I enjoyed the company. However, at some points I felt a bit weird. I haven’t had any real Spanish friends for a long time (Olga and Celia almost don’t count, as I speak in English with them most of the time!), and it was strange for me having to communicate and think in Spanish. Not only the language, but also the customs, mannerisms and sayings. I’ve been in this country long enough now to appreciate its ways and I like them, I feel “at home” when I express in English (most of the time, I must say) and having to go back to Spanish is almost painful! I feel bad and even embarrassed when I fail to communicate properly in my mother tongue…

And that’s it more or less up to date. Next week I’m off to Ireland/Northern Ireland for three days, and then on Friday we’re going to a Murder Mystery evening. Lots more to tell after then!

PS. I’ve uploaded this at work after all. This morning the website was still down! But because I’ve done this at work, I didn’t have any of my pictures from hols, etc, with me… So thanks to the people who uploads their piccies to the web so I can download them! 🙂