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Random ramblings

– Just came back from having an awesome dinner at the Hilton hotel here in Basingstoke. One of the benefits that I got from my new company is the Tastecard. For a single yearly payment of £30*, I get 2×1 or 50% off in many restaurants. And if you’re like Jon and me, you do enjoy eating out from time to time – so this will give us lots of savings. We tried the Hilton recently and we loved it. We had amazing t-bone and rib eye steaks, cooked to perfection, and the total bill -with drinks included- came to just £30: Less than your average dinner out in Nando’s but 100 times better quality!

We decided to go back again tonight, as Jon’s dad is staying with us for the week, and this was like his way of paying for the accommodation. Any other time we would have gone to Nandos or to a generic Grill restaurant for steak, but now that we know about this amazing restaurant at the Hilton, we’re never going back to eat steak anywhere else.

(*I paid £30 as it is subsidised by my company. Your average person who wants to purchase the card as an individual has to pay £80 a year)

– Jon’s now been at his new job for a week and he is really enjoying it. It is such a big change for him, as he was so miserable in his old position. But now you can see his eyes shining again with excitement and hope for the future. It is awesome to see him smile again and be happy with what he does. Well done, my boy. You really deserve it.

– I was thinking today what an important subject weather is in the English culture. You can’t ignore it. A lot of non-English people mock it, but, come on… How else would you start a conversation with strangers or anyone else? Today was an interesting day, weather-wise. It started with very clear and blue skies, then it got overcast. By lunch time it was pissing down proper. Then the sun came out and it got a bit warm-ish. But by 5 pm it got nasty again, with very heavy sleet whilst you’re trying to drive at 70 mph down the motorway… Then we had awesome clouds… The ones that you could just stare at for hours and that make you happy inside. And finally it rained again and it got clear again.

I know the Crowded House song “Four seasons in one day” was not written about England, but it does apply too!

But the thing that makes me cope with the weather in this country is knowing that without it (by “it” I mean the rain) we wouldn’t have the awesome countryside that we have. It’s probably one of the things that I love the most in the UK and I am happy to cope with the rain in order to get the fantastic scenery around me. We went for a walk last Saturday in a village only 10-minute drive away from us. It was just beautiful – farmer’s fields, grass, woods, birds and squirrels, and rabbits and stags… Simply stunning. We also have the rapeseed fields in full bloom at the moment, and I can’t help but stare at the fields as I drive along the motorway…

– We’re off to Spain in a few days and it’s going to be a busy visit. Only four hours after we land I have a hairdresser’s appointment (I refuse to have my hair cut in England: it’s stupidly overpriced and they don’t get my style). Then I want to meet up with a friend for a coffee. Then the following day my brother is organising a “cortijo feast”, with roasted jamón and other delicacies. On Sunday it’s my nephew’s first communion (aka: more party, drinks and food) and then back home. And in between I have to find time to spend with my mum and uncle! Oh yes, it’s going to be busy.

– And if you know about my crafting hobby but want to see more, go and find me on facebook! www.facebook.com/craftsbymarialachica !! – I must say that the page is proving popular. I’ve managed to get a couple of commissions recently and one of my neighbours who also runs her own business wants to make a deal with me, by which I leave some of my cards with her and she offers them to her customers… I’m loving it!




I’m writing this from the bus stop outside Jon’s office, waiting for him to turn up so we can go home. iPhones rule. It is almost 6 o’clock and won’t be home until seven, if traffic is good. Then I’ve got two more hours of overtime to go through before I can relax for half hour before going to bed.

Yes, I am busy. Very very busy. The project that I’ve been working on in the past month is completely draining me. It even made me reconsider my career path and I started updating my CV and all that.

It is getting better in the “mentally challenging” side of it, but now I just have to put the hours in.

And to be honest, I don’t mind that much, as I always welcome a bit of extra cash (crafting is a very expensive hobby!!)

I’ve got lots of things to write about, but it won’t happen now, because looking at the phone, typing and jumping with the bus is giving me a headache,

Catch you all soon xxx

Ex-Twitter Updates

I gave up twitter a while ago, as I couldn’t see the point (because I already do “status updates” through facebook). However, I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had much time either to spend on Facebook!… I am neglecting my cyber friends. I am neglecting my own blog.. Shame on me…

So here’s a list of my would-have-been updates of the last few days/weeks:

29/05/2010 – Enjoying Eurovision at home whilst Jon is out on the piss with Mark. This year’s programme is not as amusing as last year’s (99% of the countries are taking it very seriously!) Stupid guy jumped onstage during the Spanish song… grrrrr…. I didn’t really liked the German song that much… I wish all countries would sing in their own language! Everybody except for 6 countries sang in English!

31/05/2010 – SOOO HOT this weekend. Lovely bbq in the garden yesterday and off to Winchester for the afternoon today.

01/06/2010 – going back to work after a bank holiday is 10 times worse than on a normal week 🙁

04/06/2010 – Gone to the Comedy Store in London for Jana’s birthday and had an amazing time. All 5 comedians (not well known ones) were fantastic in their own style and really made me laugh out loud.

05/06/2010 – We celebrate our first wedding anniversary this weekend. Jon takes me to the New Forest for a horse ride and we will be having dinner in a fantastic Italian Trattoria Restaurant that had a honourable mention in the Michelin guide this year!

06/06/2010 – Really amazed at how beautiful the new forest is. It feels like we are hundred of miles away from Basingstoke, when in reality we are less than one hour drive away!

07/06/2010 – Monday morning. In the car on our way to work we’ve realised how little we like Chris Moyles. Have decided to change radio station and have come across “LBC” from London. It’s a “talk radio”, ie, they only speak and there’s no music. We are quite surprised that we are enjoying it so much… We’re becoming grumpy old people listening to this station! All they do is moan moan moan, and we love it!

09/06/2010 – what happened to the nice weather? I hope it  comes back for the weekend. Chris J and Helene will be visiting on Sunday and I fancy another BBQ!!