Countdown to the wedding! – “6 weeks to go!”

The final countdown is well underway! I still can’t believe all this time is passing by so quickly. 6 weeks to go – wow. Really scary…

We have mostly everything sorted now. Only a few little details to look after, but all the big things are under control.. even my family travel arrangements are done and dusted! (It looks like if you book several tickets from the same website one after another, they start going up in price. So when you get to the third booking in a row, prices are considerably higher than the first booking. This caused a couple of funny situations with my family…)

I am finally having Hair and Make-up done professionally despite my original refusal. But it is something off my list, and hopefully I won’t be having any more nightmares about it! (although in my last nightmare, I HAD booked the Hair and Make up lady but my phone was off on the day, so I didn’t hear her call, and I forgot that I had to have it done, and an hour before the ceremony I was in the biggest stressful fit you could imagine… Well, that’s nightmares for you)

We also went to see the florist to discuss centrepieces. We originally planned doing them ourselves, with a big candle in the middle and some carnations and ivy, but then we realised that it was a lot of work and decided against it. I’d like something like the pictures below. I saw somewhere something very similar, more like a fishbowl with three or four roses floating in it, and it looked gorgeous. The florist, however, said that it could be a bit pricey as they would have to outsource all the fishbowls. But she’s still going to find out and give me a call.

Centrepiece 1  Centrepiece 2

We need to go and see the cake maker too. Firstly because we’re going to have to pay the remainder monies soon, but most importantly because we originally asked for calla lilies on top of the cake and now we want to change it to white roses. I hope there’s not much of a problem, because she could have already made the calla lilies and then we couldn’t change it. The cake is going to look nice, though 🙂 And I hope everybody likes it! I know it’s very simple (lemon sponge cake) but it so hard to please everybody! and lemon sponge cake is quite popular. I am a bit worried about my family, because they are used to quite rich Spanish cakes and they may think that I haven’t tried hard enough to get a proper cake…

We have also booked some excursions for the honeymoon. Two helicopter rides, one visit to a volcano at sunset, and one day in the beach doing some snuba.


The thing about snuba diving is that you have an air tank on the surface, so it is much better than snorkelling (especially for someone like me, who is petrified of drowning!). And we also hope that Jon will enjoy the Helicopter rides, as it could be a 50-50 thing with his vertigo. Dave -who also suffers from vertigo- did one three years ago and he was fine, so Jon reckons that he’ll be ok too.
All the excursions that we’ve booked are quite short in time (no longer than 3 or 4 hours), as sometimes you can get very tired and the whole purpose of the Honeymoon is relaxing! Short excursions also means that we have a bit more time to ourselves and to enjoy the islands at our leisure.

The countdown continues….


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